Charms 32 Items

Tell your spellbinding story in a Living Locket® with these Harry Potter-themed Charms.


Plates 7 Items

Display your allegiance to your house or your simple love for all things Harry Potter with these hand-sketched Plates. {They make an enchanting backdrop to the Charms in your Living Locket®!}


Living Lockets® 8 Items

Tell your own magical story by creating a Living Locket® look fit for any witch or wizard!


Watches + Bracelets 4 Items

Set the trend at Hogwarts and show your house pride on your wrist with our Watches and Wrap Bracelets.


Pendants 1 Items

Add our bewitching Pendant to a simple Chain or layer it with your favorite Harry Potter Living Locket® look.


Chains 6 Items

Choose a Chain for your Living Locket® that fits your muggle style! Mix-and-match a Pendant on a shorter Chain with a Living Locket® look for a magically layered look.


Earrings 1 Items

Be the talk of Hogwarts™ when you Accessorize with these enchanting Harry Potter™ Earrings.


Harry Potter Gift Sets 6 Items

Before heading to Hogwarts, claim a piece of the wizarding world with a customizable Harry Potter-themed Living Locket® look. These gift sets are perfect for gifting and can be personalized even further with your favorite Charms, Plates and Accessories that tell your magical story!